New 2017 music releases


Sia dresses festively for the cover of her newest album, “Everyday is Christmas”. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Jonathan Sabbagh, Staff Writer

As 2017 comes to a close, a few final new album releases are hitting the airwaves. Here is a preview of some recently released albums that are trending right now. 

Taylor Swift, “reputation”, Release Date:  Nov. 10

Taylor Swift is an American artist, and she is one of today’s leading pop stars. She writes songs that are based off of her personal life. Some of her past hits are, “Speak Now”, “Mean”, “Red”, “We are never getting back together”, “I knew you were trouble” and other albums she made. Her new album, “Reputation” has more of a rap beat than her other albums did. 

Tove Lo, “Blue Lips”, Release Date: Nov. 17

Tove Lo is a singer and a songwriter. She was raised in Djursholm castle. She also performed in another band called Tremblebee. Some of her past hits only a couple years ago were “Queen Of The Clouds”, “Habits” and “Cool Girl”. Her album “Blue Lips” starts off with an intense beginning. 

Sia, “Everyday Is Christmas”, Release Date: Nov. 17

Sia is an Australian musician, she’s also a record producer and a music video director. She made music since 1990. When Crisp disbanded, she released her studio album called OnlySee in Australia. The other albums she released in the past were, Healing Is Difficult, Colour the Small One, Some People Have Real Problems and We Are Born. “Everyday Is Christmas” has a calm beginning that leads to catchy beats.

T-Pain, “Oblivion”, Release Date: Nov. 17

T-Pain is an American rapper who’s from Tallahassee, Florida. He is best known for using Auto-Tune pitch correction effect.  Some of his past releases are “Outta My System”, “Bow Wow”, “Baby Don’t Go”, “I’m So Hood”, “Low” and “Good Life”. T-Pain’s  album “Oblivion” has a tropical sound. 

The Faceless, “In Becoming A Ghost”,  Release Date: Nov. 17

The Faceless is an extreme American metal band from the Encino neighborhood. This band was formed by Michael Keene and Brandon Giffin. After the band recorded the drum tracks, drummer Brett Batdorf left the band. Some of their past hits were “Akeldama”, “Planetary Duality” and “Autotheism”. Their new album, “In Becoming A Ghost,” is very fast, intense music, and the singer has a deep and scary voice.