RHS Favorite TV Shows


Lauren Wroza, Staff Writer

Watching TV shows is a favorite pastime for a lot of people. It is a form of entertainment that defies generations, bringing together families and friends. It is also a form of relaxation and decompression for others. As streaming services became more popular, the old ways of watching tv shows on live television began to die out. The immediate access to watch episode after episode has made “binge-watching” a common downtime. Although some shows still implement similar characteristics to pre-streaming services by waiting a week for a new episode. Shows like this combine both the familiar anticipation of waiting for a new episode while also making it available to watch anytime after its release.

As 2023 begins, new shows and movies are rolling out onto screens around the world. With a subscription and a click of a button, we are able to watch just about anything. At RHS, students are streaming shows for large portions of their free time. We created a bracket of the most popular new shows to see what Rochester’s student population is watching and enjoying. The final two came down to the critically acclaimed “Ginny and Georgia” and “Wednesday.” According to the survey, Wednesday racked in 66% of the votes compared to “Ginny and Georgia” with only 34%. “Wednesday” was by far the students favorite.

Some other shows that RHS students felt were worth mentioning are “You,” “Cobra Kai,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Supernatural,” “Alexa and Katie,” “The Crown,” “Modern Family,” “Black-ish,” and “Manifest.”

A couple students and teachers commented on the shows they’re watching right now.

Stephanie Bulat (10) has been binging “Grey’s Anatomy.” The show is a medical drama series that aired since 2005. She said that the show keeps drawing her back because “The plot lines and drama at the beginning of the show and it’s entertaining to rewatch.”

Zach Olsen (12) loves “White Lotus” as it follows the lives of guests and employees at the White Lotus resort. He enjoys the show because it is a relaxing pastime saying it is his favorite “brain rot.”

Anjelina Yatooma (12) is a big fan of everything Gordon Ramsay. She made sure it was clear how passionately she feels about the intense chef. “I LOVE watching Gordon Ramsey yell at people.” she emphasized.