The Talon

Inside the lives of diehard sports fans

Zoe Sawdon, Feature Editor

June 3, 2020

Senior Emma Scharfenberg was sitting back and enjoying a University of Michigan volleyball game with her family when all of a sudden, an unusually tall man entered her periphery. As he strolled past, Scharfenberg caught a glimpse...

A bumpy but victorious season for the Rochester cheer team

Mariam Hanna, Co-editor-in-chief

March 31, 2020

On Friday, Mar. 6, senior and cheer captain Jenna Alsaigh woke up nervous but excited for the day ahead- the day she and the rest of the varsity cheer team would compete at the state championship in Grand Rapids.  Aft...

What Is Fear?

Alyssa Hart, Opinions Editor

March 9, 2020

Those who have been in a life or death situation say you never really know how your body will react until you find yourself in such a position. It is likely that you have heard the phrase, “fight or flight” at one point or an...

Don't Veer for Deer

Don’t Veer for Deer

March 9, 2020

Helen Fisher : Estrogen, Dopamine, Testosterone, Serotonin System Characteristics

Kari Eickholdt, Editor-In-Chief

February 25, 2020

 The dopamine system tends to be curious, creative, spontaneous, energetic, restless, enthusiastic, impulsive, and mentally flexible. Explorers and risk takers. They are very good at idea generation. They can’t tolerate people wh...

Helen Fisher : The How and Why of Love

Kari Eickholdt, Editor-In-Chief

February 25, 2020

One of the hardest journeys in life: Finding your other half. At least that’s what Athenian Philosopher Plato’s myth insisted on. The myth traces back to the origin of love where there were three kinds of human beings: Fe...

Christmas Carols Uncovered

Claire Benson, Lifestyles Editor

February 4, 2020

Christmas carols predate celebrations of Christmas or religion, back to a time of cold, bleak Decembers. In the past, December became synonymous with misery due to the long hours of darkness and cold weather, and people began ...

It Hits Close To Home

It Hits Close To Home

November 21, 2019

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