Snapchat AI

Emma Walker, Staff Writer

Snapchat is a great platform to keep in contact with friends, and even share pictures of your life, but how would you feel if there was a robot that could view everything you do? Snapchat AI was first released for Snapchat+ users towards the end of February, and for everyone else towards the middle of April, and has been sitting at the top of your chat feed ever since. 

Ever since Snapchat AI has come out, there have been many negative comments about it. In school, most students would bring up how creepy, or annoying it was. I personally think that AI is creepy too. It knows a lot of information, can see your snap map, and your stories, so it always knows your location and what you’re doing. I feel like the app creators were not considerate of putting in the Snapchat AI. it feels very invasive to app users’ privacy, and  the fact that it has access to see into your life, whether you like it, or not. 

According to a student, “Snapchat AI can be really creepy sometimes, it knows what I send to my friends.” So many people have been affected by Snapchat AI, and annoyed by it too. Although there are many suspicious things about the matter, it can also be effective at times. It can give you life tips, or help answer questions that pop into your mind. “I like Snapchat AI, I can ask it whatever, and it will have an answer for me” said an anonymous student at RHS. In my opinion, I think that AI has more negative remarks than positive ones and that the whole thing is just unnecessary in general.

In all, I think that Snapchat AI isn’t a very useful tool and an invasion of privacy to all Snapchat users. I feel like it could be useful to an extent; however, I just believe that Snapchat AI is unnecessary in general, and the app is better off without it.