Netflix’s “Riverdale” is an intriguing new spin on a classic comic


Danya Black, Staff writer

“Riverdale” is one of the new shows that was released on Netflix on May 19 starring Cole Sprouse as Jughead. The characters are based on the original Archie comics. The show is built on teen drama and mystery, leaving the audience on edge. “Riverdale” has a 1950s vibe to it but takes place in present day.

The setting of Riverdale is a small, run-down maple syrup town with families that have their own dark secrets behind closed doors. The show takes a wild spin by having the classic characters launch into a moody murder mystery of who actually killed Jason Blossom, Cheryl Blossom’s twin brother. As the murder mystery is trying to be puzzled together, Archie is going through problems, too. Archie finds himself not wanting to be involved in playing football anymore, but instead gravitating more towards the music world.

Meanwhile, Veronica Lodge arrives as a new student. Despite the instant chemistry between Archie and Veronica, she does not want to risk losing a friendship with Betty, since Betty has a major crush on Archie. Betty is the girl next door, dealing with problems like trying to figure out why her older sister was sent away and facing the fact Archie only sees her as a friend.

The show handles real life situations that actually go on in teens’ lives. The episodes have their funny moments along with the drama, like Betty’s mom interfering with Betty’s social life. The fashion is also notable, and Veronica in particular is the queen of fashion.

The only bad part about the show is probably the fact that they use adult actors as “teens”. The character Cheryl can also be annoying at times for easing into everyone’s business, throwing shade and being mean.

Overall, “Riverdale” isn’t like the old Archie, but is more of an updated version with an unexpectedly mysterious spin. “Riverdale” deserves credit for the creativity that is put into the show. The intriguing plot lines make it impossible to stop watching, earning it a 5 out of 5.