BRIEF: RATS performs “The 39 Steps”


Kathryn Chatman, Staff Writer

The Rochester Alliance of Theatrical Students (RATS) performed the play “The 39 steps” this April. Junior Patrick Jordan and Senior Jessie Carl starred in the production, along with students such as Jane Bailey, Julian Karagounis, and Donovan Clymer. Overall, numerous students worked to make the production successful.

The 39 Steps is a comedic spy mystery that follows Richard Hannay as he eludes police custody for a murder he didn’t commit, while simultaneously to expose espionage secrets. After secret agent Annabella Smith is fatally stabbed in his home, Hannay seeks to uncover the man responsible for her death and prove his own innocence. With the aid of reluctant accomplice Pamela, Hannay is eventually able to solve the mystery and clear his name.

Junior Gledis Bitraj played the sheriff in the play, one the characters searching for Hannay. Bitraj says she will miss the graduating RATS seniors and is glad their last performance turned out so well.

“There was a lot of [effort] put in by tech, makeup, costumes, etc. [The play] really came together and I’m proud to be a part of it. A lot of people worked together to put on such an amazing performance.”