Anita Oh’s “Werewolf High” series is sure to make readers laugh

Anita Ohs Werewolf High series is sure to make readers laugh

Lauren Alison, Copy Editor

The “Werewolf High” series is a debut series for author Anita Oh that thus far includes 4 books. Set in the modern day, the “Werewolf High” series is a quirky and fun read that will be sure to have readers laughing.

“Werewolf High” follows high school freshman Lucy O’Connor as she starts her first year at Amaris High, an elite private school in which she was awarded at full ride scholarship. Amaris splits its students into three different categories: The Reds, The Greens and The Goldens. “At Amaris, the Reds are rich and well off, but are still looked down upon as the lowest of the sections. Next are The Greens, who are in the middle. The Greens are unbelievably wealthy, and pay a good sum to be at that level. Lastly are the Goldens, who are the Elite few that practically own the world with their money and are revered in a God-like way. It is through these different statuses that students are given dorms and other special privileges. Lucy, being barely able to afford food to feed her three brothers, experiences culture shock upon entering Amaris’ campus.

On the first day of school, Lucy meets her roommate, Hannah Morgan, and throughout the school year, become close friends. It is also at Amaris that Lucy encounters The Goldens, the elite group of four. Head of The Goldens is Tennyson Wilde, the most arrogant of them all and hardest to get along with. Lucy and Tennyson have a very volatile relationship and can never seem to stop fighting. Next is Tennyson’s twin sister, Althea. Once thought to be snobby and cold, Lucy and Althea seem to form a close bond as the series goes on. It is often Althea who helps Lucy get out of the trouble that Lucy so often finds herself apart of. Cousin to both Tennyson and Althea is Nikolai. Nikolai is by far the most playful and easiest to get along with out of The Goldens. Lastly is Sam. Making up a lot of the mystery surrounding Amaris for a good part of the series, Sam is first introduced as an exact look-a-like for Lucy’s old childhood friend who suddenly died when she was just a kid.

For each book there is a different problem that seems to plague Lucy, and sometimes, her friends. It is through the help of her unlikely friends, Tennyson, Althea, Nikolai, and Sam that Lucy is able to conquer her problems and get closer to solving the mystery surrounding both her and Sam’s lives.

The first thing that catches the eye when looking at this book is its name. At first glance, “Werewolf High” sounds somewhat childish and teenybopper-esque, but don’t let that name be the deciding factor on whether or not to read it. One of the great things about this book is its main character, Lucy. Lucy’s inner dialogue is nonstop hilarious. She is always making the corniest of jokes and can’t ever seem to stop thinking about food. It is not only that, but her easy-going character that makes her great. Even in the toughest or weirdest of situations, Lucy finds a way to not act irrationally and still find humor in the situation. Another great aspect of the series is Lucy’s relationship with Tennyson. Tennyson is often very blunt about what he thinks. Mix that with his dislike of Lucy, and it’s hilarious. Because he makes it known that he doesn’t hold any particular fondness for Lucy, it can be very interesting to watch him and Lucy work together. Their dynamic is very complicated, always between respect and dislike. The best part of this series has to be the different problems that Lucy faces in each book. Oh did a great job at creating interesting and funny situations. For each book, the problem that plagues Lucy and her friends is actually the title of that particular book, which is actually pretty cool.

Throughout the series there are really on minor annoyances that don’t really take away from the overall enjoyability of the series. No book or series is going to be absolutely perfect or fit one’s standards to a tee, but the “Werewolf High” series does come pretty close.

The first book in the “Werewolf High” series is “ The Truth Spell”, followed by “The Tiny Curse”, “The Body Swap” and “The Soul Bond. There is a novella called “A Very Werey Christmas” which takes place between books one and two. The next book’s release is not yet specified, though it is set to release sometime in 2017. The Werewolf High” series can be bought through Amazon, IBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

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