The 1975 release new album, enticing an eclectic audience

The 1975 release new album, enticing an eclectic audience

Makenzie Shubnell, Entertainment Editor

Three years after releasing their first album, The 1975 has released a second record with a slightly longer title and a bit of a different feel. “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” is the second full-length album by The 1975, and has blown up on the alternative charts. Being such a well-known artist provides more opportunity for the band to deliver great content and a complete package, which they certainly have.

The music itself is quite the contrast to their previous style, as listeners can see a big difference in the mood of the album. As the last album was full of dark and demented songs about drugs and heartbreak, the new album is more on the bright side. Songs like “Love Me” and “Somebody Else” are just a few of the tracks on the album that keep the band’s alternative nature alive while adding new light to their sound. Not only are these songs carrying a lighter message, but don’t have quite as edgy of a beat. Most of the tracks on the album are ballads of some sort, or match the pop-synth likeness of the 80s.

The growing popularity of the band and their new album show an overall positive reaction from fans, most likely relating to the more mainstream sound of some of the new songs. With the sound of songs like “Ugh” and “The Sound”, listeners can get up and dance; something the band rarely delivered in their last album. These are both examples of the change in auditory aesthetic, as the more deep-rooted and dark songs were left behind, and “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” brings forward a new era of positive vibes from The 1975. As these songs all seem to have something in common, there is an obvious intention to keep the album as a single project, like a soundtrack to this part of the band’s career.

Not only do the songs come together to create a certain atmosphere, but the visual aspect of the album as well. The cover artwork resembles the previous album, with the neon light rectangle bordering the words, “The 1975”. Although the photograph is identical, they brightened the mood with a light pink and white palette as opposed to the old black and white.There’s an added art aspect to this album as well, as each song in the record has its own art piece. The bright lights and neon signs were created in each song title, and randomly placed in scenes that resemble the theme of the track. Along with these photographs, the music video for  “Ugh”, the third song on the album, is closely related to the cover art, adding to the overall feel of the record’s entirety. Combined with the audio, this aesthetically pleasing visual aspect really brings together the whole of the album.

Overall, The 1975’s new album “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” is a great addition to the band’s tracklist, as it shows a whole new side of their style while still bringing a fresh sound to music. The album includes instrumental ballads as well as upbeat pop songs, bringing a unique blend of music and drawing in listeners from all across the spectrum.