Local Dine-ins and Dives in the ROC


Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

Red Knapps

304 S Main St


A major icon of Rochester is the popular dairy bar located downtown. This old fashioned diner has been around and owned by the same family since 1950. Red Knapps is an excellent choice for anyone as it offers a wide range of food options, so being adventurous is unnecessary to have a good time. Something many do not know about Red Knapps is that although their hamburgers are incredible, the sloppy joes are even better. A definite downside of this diner is the limited amount of seating available. It is recommended to go with a date or just a couple of friends, as the booths only allow for so many. A positive to Red Knapps is that the prices are moderate for a normal size meal, which offers a good deal for quality food. With delicious hamburgers and a creamy malts, a meal there is always enjoyable.

Ram’s Horn

1990 Rochester Rd


Ram’s horn is one of Rochester’s most popular meeting places for teenagers. With a menu full of options, ranging from breakfast foods and sandwiches to spaghetti and seafood, being a bold foodie is needless. A plus side to Ram’s Horn is the great deal of tables and seating space. It allows enough room to bring large groups and can act as a hangout spot. The food is priced fairly cheap, although it tastes satisfying. Even with a small budget, a good sized meal is available. Created to encourage family dining, the restaurant has a friendly atmosphere. As it is open twenty four hours a day, Ram’s Horn is a great place to go when hunger hits.


418 N Main St


For any daring foodie or sea food lover, Sumo sushi is the place to go. With an array of sushi rolls and other japanese delicacies, the restaurant provides an excellent meal for anyone willing to reach out of their comfort zone. Even if you are not willing to try something new, there are options for choosy people such as salads and rice bowls. A place like this is perfect for a date or a quick lunch with a couple of friends. Although the food is quite delicious, the prices can be high depending on what you order. Sumo’s atmosphere gives off an authentic Japanese feeling making the experience enjoyable altogether. Next time you are looking for something new to try, head to downtown Rochester for a yummy seafood experience.

Dessert Oasis

336 S Main St


This comfy coffee shop in downtown Rochester offers warm drinks and delicious desserts, and is the perfect place to go for a date or a quiet study hall. The desserts there include rich cheesecake, chocolate fondue, fruit filled crepes and many more.,  Although it can be a bit pricey and seating is limited, this coffee house is full of life. There is live music available where local musicians have the chance to perform certain nights. Original artwork is hung up on the walls from artists around Rochester that are available for purchase. The atmosphere created by the music and food allows people to come together and share a good time. Dessert Oasis’s unique character makes this coffee shop the best place to go.

Rochester Brunch House

301 Walnut Blvd


A modern and fashionable restaurant, famous for their red velvet pancakes and delicious crepes, Rochester Brunch House is extremely popular.  The menu is filled with both breakfast and lunch options, making it a perfect place to go during the morning and afternoon hours. Although the food is incredibly appetizing, seating can be close making you feel like you are eating with the people next to you. Food there is usually expensive, but worth it as the taste makes up for it. RBH is an upscale restaurant, so dressing nicer is preferred. It is a perfect place to go with a group of friends or for a small family gathering.  The unique nature of RBH makes it a perfect spot to try out for a new adventure.