DJ Khaled influences Snapchat users

Ollie Najar, Staff Writer

In an era dominated with the constant connection through social media, everyday people crave reports from their favorite celebrities about their lavish lives. However, one celebrity in particular has utilized the personal and casual feel of Snapchat, an app that allows users to video and photograph their lives to show to friends.

Marketing products, sampling new music, but primarily showing his fabulous everyday life through video, DJ Khaled speaks to his fans with motivational preaching while displaying his luxurious house and possessions in short videos. Students at RHS discuss the motive of DJ Khaled’s Snapchat. S

ophomore Lu Vergara believes that the main intention is to inspire others.

He is showing that if you work hard this is what you could achieve in life,” Vergara said. “He is motivating by example.”

Others who have watched his Snapchat have other opinions about the purpose. People such as senior Victoria Berishaj believe he is sponsoring products such as Apple Ciroq, which he frequently advertises, and his WE THE BEST online store. The motivating clips are simply for attention.

“He is just truly trying to show off his life and advertise to acquire more fans which equals more money,” Berishaj said. “He wants attention, making more money since he doesn’t make enough money from his music to support his lifestyle.”

While many agree with the idea that he is doing it for attention, some also believe that inspiring others is a “major key” as well as being popular among fans.

“He is effective in making himself look god-like,” junior Louis Rolland said. “People are listening to what he says, and he always gives off positive vibes.”

Regardless of his intentions, DJ Khaled is the most viewed Snapchat account ever. When you think he is done making videos for the day, he puts out “another one.”

With his copious amounts of viewers, many question the influence he has on the younger generation. Consistently he videos his trips through Miami on his jet-ski, and almost as consistently, he is pulled over by police and receives a ticket for speeding.

It’s not necessarily a bad influence, his jet-ski is his property. He’s just having fun,” Berishaj said. “He can’t help what his fans take in or take out of his lifestyle.”

He promotes alcohol such as Apple Ciroq and although he advocates good habits such as drinking water and exercise, he is also a routine smoker of cigars.

“He’s not a good influence, because young people want to do the same thing as him,” Vergara said. “So he is encouraging abusing the law and drinking alcohol with Apple Ciroq and anything else he does.”

The man that Ryan Seacrest refers to as “The King of Snapchat” has altered the identity of the app forever. Whether for fame, for money, or for inspiring others, DJ Khaled is the face of Snapchat.