BRIEF: RHS Choir Concert


Taylor Simmons, Staff Writer

While attending the Rochester choir concert, there is many different things you will see and here that will keep you at the edge of the seat. Julia Latrouno, sophomore, is apart of the RHS choir. Lartrouno explains why she likes choir.

“I chose to be in choir because I love music and singing,” Latrouno said. “I didn’t want to let that go to waste with my busy academic schedule.”

Choir was Latrouno’s first choice and comments on the thought provoking aspects of it.

“I like being in choir because music is very mathematical and makes you think,” Latrouno said. “It is also very artsy and freeing at the same time.”

Latrouno talks about how she does get nervous, but has others around to help her out.

“I do get nervous but i deal with it,” Latrouno said. “If I mess up a note I’m surrounded by the people in my section who will keep me on pitch.”

There weren’t any traditions before the 2-3 choir concerts that occur, but usually before the concert it’s everyone warming up and making sure they are ready.

“I prepare for concerts by going over my songs and making sure my hair and makeup are perfect,” Latrouno said. “There isn’t many traditions besides before concerts we do vocal warm-ups and take attendance.”