BRIEF: Band students enjoy performing at annual concerts

Photo Courtesy of Vanna Wilke

Photo Courtesy of Vanna Wilke

Sara Trumza, Staff Writer

The choir and band are looking forward to the annual winter holiday concert. 

“We usually have four concerts every year,” freshmen Rami Sbahi says. “This will be our second one this year.”

Everyone has different ways of preparing for performances in front of a large audience whether it’s and every time tradition or just a little something personal.  

“I normally prepare for concerts by reviewing the music the whole week before the concert,” Sbahi said. “ I also make sure I’m noticing everything in the music that’s on the sheet.”

Many love high school due to the freedom of the choices able to be made regarding classes. Electives vary from interior design to foods to band.

“I chose band because I’m pretty bad at singing and I wanted to learn and instrument,” Sbahi said. “Also my parents wanted me to. I like being in band because it’s a way to express your creativity and let out your energy from that day.”

It’s normal to get scared and nervous before a big appearance and many have various ways of dealing with it.

“I get nervous sometimes but I deal with it by looking for someone in the crowd who I know,” Sbahi said. “I try to focus on entertaining them and playing my music for them.”