DC vs Marvel

Are you a DC or Marvel fan?

DC vs Marvel

Jaemin Kim, Staff Writer

If you are a comic book or movie fan, you probably heard of two major companies: Marvel Studios and DC. The debate between Marvel and DC has been going on for more than 70 years. But who wins the battle between the two?

DC Comics is an American comic book and a unit of DC Entertainment, which is a branch of Warner Bros. They were best known for their characters Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman. They got the name “DC” from their popular series called Detective Comics which featured Batman. They were founded in 1934 and soon went on to publish several comic book series such as Detective Comics, Action Comics, and All American Men of War (later to be named GI Combat). 

Marvel comics is a very large United States publisher of comic books. They are best known for their characters Spiderman, ironman, the hulk, Captain America, and many many more. They were founded in 1939, five years after DC comics.

The Marvel Universe is a fictional world where the story of Marvel Comics takes place. Marvel Studios was founded in 1993 and has been many people’s favorite. There are actually two Marvel Universes, the one we all know and love the Marvel Cinematic Universe where their “movie” timeline takes place, and the world of Marvel Comics. The cinematic universe follows different timelines and events than the comic book universe.

Like Marvel, the DC Universe is a fictional universe where many of the publications of DC Comics take place. It is a multiverse that spans multiple planets and timelines, and there are several storylines that occur in alternative realities that exist outside the mainstream continuity. However, unlike Marvel, there are two DC movie worlds. The most important and what became known as the “Snyderverse ”. The Snyderverse refers to the timeline and story created by Zack Snyder the director of the movie Justice League.

While both comic book publishers present a mythical world, Marvel brings more realism to the fantasy world. In addition, Marvel is taking more risks, so very unique movies like Guardians of the Galaxy come out. However, DC is great for giving your character depth and a dark backstory (such as Batman). One of the most common debates in today’s comics is which company has better heroes. Marvel is more realistic and darker in the story, but some people like the depth and backstory of DC characters.

Marvel Characters are more likely to struggle the most. Due to Marvel’s realistic style they portray their characters struggling with what they go through. They also mostly tend to be ordinary people who get in accidents and develop powers through them. Peter Parker was an ordinary teenager who gets bit by a radioactive spider to become a Spiderman, Bruce Banner turns into the hulk due to their exposure to gamma rays, and Steve Rogers was a skinny kid from Brooklyn that was turned into Captain America due to the super-soldier serum. 

On the other hand, DC heroes tend to be born with great powers right off the bat. They have powers, magical origins, or were born into wealthy families. Superman was sent to Earth from the planet Krypton with superhuman powers from birth, Wonder Woman is a demi-god also with superhuman powers trained to be an Amazonian Warrior since she was a kid, and Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, inherited wealth from his parents at a young age having no superpowers, or should I say being rich is his superpower. Most of the heroes in the DC world tend to have an advantage when it comes to life.

Marvel and DC are very similar when you really look close. Superman and Captain Marvel both have similar powers, Batman and Ironman are both billionaires using technology to help aid them in battle, and even the villains Thanos and Darkseid are both very similar. Many might see the DC universe as darker but Marvel also has dark origins like the Wolverine or the Punisher. 

Well, who has the stronger heroes? While many might think Superman, Wonder Woman, or Captain Marvel might be the strongest heroes in both DC and Marvel, there are a wide variety of beings that are far more powerful than you might know. The comics always have a character that is far stronger than the heroes we see on screen, and since there is a combined total of more than 17,000 characters in both Marvel and DC it would be hard to figure out all of their strengths. The comics show some of the most powerful villains and heroes but in the cinematic point of view of both companies the strongest would be Doomsday in the DCEU and Captain Marvel in the MCU. 

So who wins the battle between the two? Well, there can only be one winner and that winner is us. Without a doubt, the customers are the real winners because we get to read and watch the most amazing things they bring out for us. A lot of people will have a side they choose to stand by and that’s ok because you don’t have to be a winner in this contest. In the end, it doesn’t matter who you prefer. This is all based on your preference and nothing else. You can choose to enjoy the comics, the movies, or even both.