Boys lacrosse team prepares for upcoming season


The boys lacrosse team gets reading for their upcoming season during an after-school workout. Photo courtesy of Nick Facca.

Preston Schroyer, Staff Writer

With the lacrosse season quickly approaching, many players are doing what they can to prepare. This off season, players are going to conditioning, workouts and practices before the season. The team is lead by varsity coach Nick Facca.

“I think the coaches are doing a great job getting me ready for next season,” sophomore Michael Campione said. “I think that we are going to win a lot of games and it is going to be a successful season.”

Coach Facca also thinks the team will have a good season, but feels there might be some things the team has to work on.

I would like to see our players continue to work on fundamentals such as passing, catching and shooting,” Coach Facca said. “Once these items are mastered it makes it easier to transition different schemes into our game plan.” 

There will also be some new freshmen players joining the team this season.

“I’m not really nervous about playing on the team, I’m just excited to play for my school,” freshman Zack Curtin said.

As the team prepares for the season, Coach Facca has some items he would like to work on in practices.

I think I do a good job of running practices and keeping our players moving in different drills and making sure everyone is engaged,” Coach Facca said.  “I would like to continue to work on involvement with specialty positions like goalies and face-offs. These are key components to our game and need to be separated out individually”.

All the players have said they are getting better for next season. They are excited and they believe it will be a very successful season. Coach Facca explained why preparing in the off season is so important. 

Improvements are made in the off season. Our season is only 3 months long and while improvements can be made, much greater strides are made in the 9 months outside of our season,” Coach Facca said.