Working as a Teen

Ava Vaught, Staff Writer

Working as a teenager can be a challenge. Balancing various responsibilities from academic, athletic, family, and social responsibilities is already a lot. So is working as a teen worth the stress? Around 55% of teenagers have jobs during the school year. That rate increases during summer break. Jobs are known to be stressful and tiring but there are also a lot of benefits to working, especially as a teenager. One benefit of working as a teen is that it encourages independence and learning how to manage time. This gives teens the experience of having a manager and developing life skills. Starting your work journey young will give you an advantage because you’ll have more experience in the work field. While going into an interview is nerve-wracking, it will be a much less intimidating experience if you already had practiced as a teenager under less pressure. Being able to sit down one-on-one with a hiring manager and learn how to deal with the pressure of an interview is a very rewarding opportunity. Overcoming pressure like this will create good conversation skills to help in the future. 

Besides the apparent fact that teens want to buy things for themselves, receiving your first paycheck is a gratifying experience. It gives teens more of an appreciation for what they have. Another benefit is that working offers teens the opportunity to practice managing their own money. Having good money management will be a valuable tool throughout their life. Most teenagers don’t have many bills to pay, so being able to practice saving and spending money will create healthy money habits. Having a job, at any age, is a big responsibility and requires focus and stressful work. This may mean that you’re missing out on a more easy going lifestyle and open schedule but in the end, the benefits outweigh the consequences of working. You get a head start in life when you work as a teen and have the chance to learn important lessons early on.

Companies near us that are hiring:

Subway- Sandwich Artist-  ($13- $15)

Tim Hortons- Team Member- ($14- $15)

Hamlin Pub- Hostess/ Busser- ($13- $14)

Alibi- Hostess/ Server- (server $10 + tips, hostess $14) 

Griffin Claw- Hostess/ Servers- (hostess $16, server $18) 

Aldi- Service Clerk- ($16)

Goldfish Swim School- Swim Instructor- ($14- $15)