How Will Students Spend Their Summer?

Brice Boggan, Editor in Chief

June brings the season which some people look forward to, summer. The season that gives students a long break from school. Hotter weather and more time brings many possibilities for things to do. Although what exactly do students do during the summer?

With the many activities that take place in summer, students will need money. Like adults, some students have or will start a job in the summer. A variety of jobs students take on include retail or fast food. Students that are in O-tech may even have internships they received from the program. Some creative students even have their own business  they work for. After talking to these students, the two main categories for self-work are either manual labor, such as mowing lawns, or selling some form of art, such as jewelry.

Other students have mentioned that they are training for athletics, such as football players, and the conditioning they take part in. Students involved in the Falcon Marching Band have band camp at some point in the summer. Other athletes may also go to camps for their respective sports, or just work to keep their body in shape.

Students from the class of 2023 have now graduated, meaning that their summer will look very different. Some students are getting ready to go off to college, the start of a new chapter in their life. Others are taking a gap year for many different reasons. Some have decided they don’t want to go to college at all or may go into other things like trade school. Whatever their plan may be, their summer is a lot different than the rest of the students at RHS.¬†

Many people, not just students, use the summertime to find new hobbies or to explore who they are. With school out, there’s a lot of free time to be able to do these things.¬† Many also just take this time to just relax at home.

There’s no real right way to spend your summer break. To be able to do what you want during the summer is the beauty of the break. As far as school goes, it’s a stress-free time from homework and other school-related things.