RCS Summer School Opportunities

Lucky McCardell, Staff Writer

Summer school can be a great opportunity for high school students to catch up on missed coursework, as well as get ahead for the upcoming school year. Attending summer school can help students improve their grades, boost their academic skills, and prepare them for college. To prepare for summer school, students should make sure to get plenty of rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and bring all necessary materials. Additionally, students should try to stay organized by making a schedule and setting goals for themselves. With the right mindset and preparation, summer school can be a valuable experience for high school students.


Credit improvement courses are classes that a student has already taken and hopes to improve their grade. Mr. Chad Zwolinski, the summer learning program principal and history teacher at RHS says, “Credit improvement has an expectation that students have already known, have seen, or been exposed to the taught material but are trying to improve upon it or master it.” This means it is a great option for students who did not do great in specific courses during their school year or for people who just wish for the perfect grade. All math, history, English, and most science classes are available for recovery or improvement.


Credit ahead classes can be taken to get ahead on required classes or free up your schedule to take preferred electives for the upcoming school year. As a student trying to take one of these classes, you need to reach certain requirements before you can enroll. A student can find the curriculum for credit ahead on the Rochester Community Schools website under academics. If you need more information, below you can find the summer school learning packet, which provides all the classes that are afforded to either credit ahead of credit recovery. For these classes you can take World History, U.S. History, Government, Economics, Health, P.E., and Physical Science.


Helpful tips and preparedness-

  • An average class for both types of courses take up to eight days whether you take it online or in person. You must attend all eight days to receive credit. You cannot be absent. 
  • Limiting distractions is crucial and may have contributed to why you now need summer school. Limiting distractions can/may consist of deleting social media, taking time to yourself instead of hanging out with friends, and removing screens from your life.
  • Credit improvement courses may be what you need to save yourself from a failing grade, so remember that takes priority over many other things. If you are serious about improving your grades, this could mean taking a week or two off work to prepare before taking the class.
  • Try to make a schedule. A schedule can help keep you on track and is so important for planning.If you follow the plan you make these classes will be simple and easy to complete.
  • Asking for help makes things easier for you and other people you are close to, so don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially if it is a teacher or family member.
  • Study! Working outside the school time is very important and is almost essential for not only summer school but your regular courses as well, just remember you learn things through repetition and hard work.