Ethiopia elects its 1st female president


The 1st female president of Ethiopia. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Ethiopia was governed by emperors until 1975. Ever since, six men have taken the role of presidency. Sahle-Work Zewde, a woman from an independent party, was appointed as the East African country’s first female president. She was approved by the Ethiopian parliament on Thursday, October 25.     

Sahle-Work Zewde has been serving as the United Nations special representative to the African Union and replaced Mulatu Teshome, who resigned his cabinet the day before. Ethiopia is considered  the second most populous country in Africa, and half of its Cabinet is comprised of women. 

“Women can be great leaders, it’s the same thing as men,” Junior Nicole Savaya said. “In our times, women are seen weaker than men, but we are the same thing or even stronger.”

The gender parity in the cabinet has been presenting prior to this event. This big step up this means a lot for most of women who want to try leadership roles.

“I think that’s a big step for women because it’s really making a change in the way they see women,” Savaya said. “They could see the changes she could make and will encourage more women to become presidents.”