What is a brand ambassador?


Different Social Media platforms that can be used to promote businesses. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Bianca Mow, Sports Editor

What is a Brand Ambassador?
A brand ambassador is someone who uses their social media platform to promote a company. They can do this by wearing their clothes, tagging them in pictures or giving people a coupon code to use. By doing this, the company is able to gain more buyers and is able to get different perks. Becoming a brand ambassador is easier than one might think. Read below to see popular companies that are looking for brand ambassadors.

This ambassadorship is for those who want to be an animal advocate and spread the vegan message by wearing this company’s apparel. 10 percent of profits go directly to animal rescue groups to help save and care for as many animals as possible. They are looking for someone who is “active on social media & loves getting huge discounts/free stuff while having fun.”

Creations For a Cause
This program is perfect for those who want to share their love for giving, but want to support different social issues both locally and globally. This company not only wants their ambassadors to reach out and volunteer, but they hope that these leaders encourage others to do so, too.

Life Token
Life Token is looking for representatives to help spread their mission statement of kindness and positivity. They want people who are active on social media and are willing to help people always. Interested individuals can apply to find out more information.

Tees for Bees
This company is centered around supporting and raising awareness for bees. They want their ambassadors to advocate for the same things. Check online for the perks that come with this opportunity.

Aqua Pura
Aqua pure is a company dedicated to providing clean water for as many people as possible. They hope to find individuals who are willing to support them in this goal. “Becoming apart of the #AquaPura family means more than just a bracelet, it’s a lifestyle to always give back to those in need and to always stay positive in your daily life,” their website states.