BRIEF: Softball prepares for pre-districts


Scott O

Senior members of the varsity softball team, who are preparing for their final two games of the year.

Taylor Simmons, Entertainment/Lifestyle Editor

The varsity softball team last year won the OAA white league championship and are pushing to win it again. The varsity softball team is also getting prepared for the pre-district game against Eisenhower High School. The game is on May 29 and if they win, they will move on to the district game which is on June 2.  Senior Harper Monica is a three year varsity player and is getting prepared to play these last couple of games with her team.

“I’m looking forward to playing my last few games with my teammates and hopefully winning them all,” Monica said. “My teams biggest goal is to win pre-districts and hopefully continue on.”

Senior Jenna Norgrove has been setting goals for herself as well as goals to help her team before she leaves.

“Personally I just want to help better my teammates and be a leader in any way I can,” Norgrove said. “I think this year we have potential to go far.”

As the pre-district game approaches, the practices are all to prepare each girl everything they need to do to win this game.

“Romeo is our toughest competition because we have never beaten them,” Norgrove said.” We drew Eisenhower first, so we will take it one game at a time.”

As the seniors final season playing softball at RHS slowly begin to end, they are still excited to play these last couple games with their team.

“I’m looking forward to enjoying each game,” Norgrove said. “I’ve been playing varsity softball for four years and being a senior my career is coming to and end, so I just want to enjoy every game left.”