BRIEF: RHS Alum holds financial seminar for students


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RHS alumnus, Ian Duncanson, spoke to students about managing their finances.

Zoya Ahmed, Feature Editor

On Tuesday, March 6, Rochester High School’s Key Club sponsored the Financial Literacy Seminar for students to learn more about finances. Students learned about the importance of budgeting, the impact of money on employment opportunities and how to save adequately to save money for larger purchases.

“The purpose of the Financial Seminar was to educate students on the importance of managing money and to learn basic skills and terms when it comes to handling your own finances,” Key Club President and junior Ishita Shukla stated. “Which a lot of us will have to do in the very near future, post high school.”

The presentation was done by Financial Professional and former RHS student Ian Duncanson after school.

“It was nice to see a Rochester High alumnus give this presentation on finances,” Shukla said. “It certainly painted the picture that this will be us very soon, in which we will have to manage our own finances.”

There were also many students present, eager to learn more about finances.

“I believe that the Financial Seminar helped students because I received positive feedback from Key Club members and how it was really educational as curriculum in school never covers this,” Shukla said. “I [also] noticed that there were seniors who came, and I realized how imperative it is for them especially to know this information, as they are about to enter the real world and do this for themselves.”

The Seminar was helpful to many, and students received knowledge about various topics.

“The financial seminar personally did help me as well,” Shukla stated. “It opened up my eyes as to how many things are just a basic requirement and are needed in order to live, and how everything costs money.”

According to Shukla, at the end of the day, it is always up to each person to make their own decisions about their finances.

“Overall it was a very nice presentation and as students, we need to keep in mind what we are going to do after high school,” Shukla said. “As well as how we are going to support ourselves financially in the long-run.”