BRIEF: Key Club helps feed Puerto Rico


Students from Mr. Fox’s 6th hour PE class help set up for the Kids Against Hunger event.

Angela Mammel, Copy Editor

On Dec. 5, members of Key Club teamed up with Kid’s Coalition Against Hunger to package meals for those in need in Puerto Rico. Led through the process by Mrs. O’Toole and members of KCAH, the club packaged 11,664 meals for starving people.

“The food came in bulk and included dry soy beans, veggies, protein powder and rice,” Mrs. O’Toole explained. “We then created an assembly line to measure and package the food with each package containing a serving size to feed 6 people.”

For the sake of time, Mr. Fox’s 6th hour gym class helped set up for this charity event, giving them the opportunity to help out, as well.

“I wasn’t able to go to the event itself, but I loved helping to set up for it,” junior Alayna Hewelt said. “I feel like the U.S. did everything they could to help Florida and Texas but we’ve just been ignoring Puerto Rico, and I’ll do anything I can do to try to help them.”

Mrs. O’Toole states that the event helped spread the holiday spirit of giving back immensely.

“It was a joyous event and the students hearts were full,” Mrs. O’Toole said. “They gave of their time to make a difference for many starving people.”

Hewelt agrees, and believes in the importance of giving back whenever possible.

“It’s such a good feeling to take time out of your day and realize that you have so much and that you need to give some of that to the less fortunate,” Hewelt said. “Whenever I volunteer, I always end up with the happiest feeling in my heart.”