Where to find the best hot chocolate in town this winter


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Bell Malatesta, Staff Writer

When the weather is below freezing, you can only put on so many layers. One thing that is certain to warm you up, though, is a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate. Below are some of Rochester High School students’ favorite places to grab a cup of this delicious holiday drink.

Dessert Oasis
Dessert Oasis is known for its delicious coffee drinks and comforting atmosphere that will make anyone want to hang out there for hours. With the great location in downtown Rochester, this makes it a very popular place for high school students to hang out.

“I like Dessert Oasis because they have great drinks and food, but also has a great atmosphere,” junior Annie Gibbs said. “It’s really easy not to just study there, but also hangout with friends.”

Dessert Oasis can be slightly pricy, but the deep flavors are sure not to disappoint.

“I like Dessert Oasis’ hot chocolate because they put a cool design with the whipped cream,” senior Sana Halim said. “Also, the chocolate they use is very rich.”

Bean and Leaf
Bean and Leaf, also located in downtown Rochester, is another great spot for coffee and tea enthusiasts.

“I love the atmosphere at Bean and Leaf,” junior Scott Russell shares. “It’s a great place to get my homework done.”

Along with the great atmosphere and location, Bean and Leaf also has outstanding white chocolate hot chocolate that makes it stand out from the rest.

“Bean and Leaf hot chocolate is delicious,” junior Kyle Edwards said. “The white chocolate flavor is hard to find anywhere else.”

The Starbucks craze is not only about coffee, but other spirited drinks as well. Starbucks, although it can be pricy, is super easy and convenient to get with a drive through and order ahead option.

“Starbucks hot chocolate is really yummy and tasty,” senior Jongbu Park states. “It is my go-to for hot chocolate.”

Along with its great original flavor, Starbucks has also introduced five new flavors, including peppermint, snickerdoodle, salted caramel, toasted white chocolate, and toffee almond.

“I was very impressed with the new flavors they released and can’t wait to try them,” Halim said. “They’ll probably be to die for!”

Mc Cafe is an affordable option for hot chocolate lovers, but that does not mean that the taste is inferior to its competitors.

“It is affordable for hot chocolate and still tastes great,” Park said.

Mc Cafe is extremely convenient to get with a Mcdonald’s on every corner and will make you reminisce childhood memories.

“McCafe is never too hot and they put the right proportion of both chocolate and whipped cream which is important because I’m very picky,” Halim said. “I feel at home when I drink the McCafe.”

With majority of students preferring to go out and buy hot chocolate, instead of make it themselves, these restaurants will never fail to impress. No matter what your taste- milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate- at least one of these places will have something for you. These festive drinks will make you dreaming of snowflakes and warm fires all winter long.