BRIEF: Homecoming week door decorating


One of this year’s decorated doors. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Facca.

Zoe Sawdon, Staff Writer

Spanish National Honor Society was announced the winner of the annual Homecoming door decorating competition at Friday’s pep assembly. RHS students and staff spent the evening decorating the school’s hallways and doors on Oct. 9. Each RHS club was assigned a door to decorate, and the winner will receive money to go towards their program.

“My favorite part about the contest is getting to see all of the cool designs that students come up with,” said sophomore Alicia Perkins, a member of Student Government. “[I also like] seeing our hallways filled with decorated doors.”

This year, the contest had a great turnout. Students from all grades were eager to represent the different clubs and decorate their class hallways.

“We bought a bunch of pizza thinking there would be a lot left over,” Perkins said. “We ended up having to go out and get more because there [were] so many people!”

The door decorating competition is not only a fun activity for RHS clubs to get involved in, but it also shows Rochester’s school spirit and pride.

“I think door decorating shows our school spirit by showing all of the different ideas that people came up with [to] put into their club’s door,” Perkins said. “It shows that Homecoming is a very big thing at our school that we take a night to decorate the classroom doors.”