BRIEF: Las Vegas shooting


Overview of hotel, Mandalay Bay, where shooter was positioned. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Wyatt Anness, Staff Writer

The United States has been hit yet again, with another tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shooting, which took place at a country music festival called Route 91, resulted in 59 casualties and over 527 people injured.

The shooter, identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, was on the 32nd floor of a hotel called Mandalay Bay across the street from where the festival was taking place, hailing down gunfire at innocent festival goers below.

Paddock was a known multimillionaire and frequently went to Las Vegas to gamble and play poker. His brother, Eric Paddock, was in shock that Stephen was the perpetrator of the shooting.

“[I was] very saddened by the violence. I wasn’t really shocked about this because unfortunately this is the normal now,” junior Aidan Fitzgerald said. “However, I was also surprised they let the shooter have so many guns in the hotel.”

Fitzgerald followed up with whether or not he thinks attacks like Las Vegas are preventable.

“You can’t really stop the attacks from happening, but a stricter ban on fully automatic guns would be a good start,” Fitzgerald stated. “If a criminal wants to hurt innocent people, laws can’t really stop them because they will break the law anyway.”

Americans are very concerned that attacks like this are becoming more frequent.

“I don’t really worry about domestic terrorism in Rochester,” Fitzgerald said. “We’re not a major metropolitan city, which would be more of a target for these types of attacks.”