Brief: Rochester Varsity Girl’s Lacrosse Team update


Rich Jordan

The Rochester Varsity Girl’s Lacrosse team after beating Adams 8-7.

Makenzie Shubnell, Entertainment Editor

The Rochester Varsity Girl’s Lacrosse team has held a successful record so far this season, regardless of any apparent obstacles.

Aside from not having a home field and losing starting players to injury, the team has broken multiple records this season, as well as achieving the program’s 100th win.

“Our program started in 2005, and many wonderful players have contributed over the years to the achievement of 100 wins,” Coach Dave Hamel said. “And I’m delighted that this particular team was the one to reach the milestone, because they clearly represent our program’s values: respecting the game by playing the right way, respecting our opponents and officials with good sportsmanship, and respecting ourselves by playing hard.”

There have also been multiple personal records broken this season, from both junior and senior players.

“We have two exceptional players, [junior]  Kendall Jordan and [senior] Claire McPherson, achieving remarkable individual feats,” Coach Hamel said. “Kendall has already set a team record for most goals in a season with 74 so far, eclipsing the old record of 72. Claire has 46 goals right now, just one short of our previous record for most goals in a season by a midfielder.”

Since then, McPherson has beat that record, and has had a lot of praise for the success of the team.

“We’ve stayed strong through the hard times: something that many teams I’ve seen this year have struggled to do,” McPherson said. “I see the program going very far in the future. Rochester better be ready! 100 wins turns into 200 a lot quicker than you think!”