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Patrick Jordan, Staff Writer

On a normal day, junior Eric Gaisser receives a text message from his friends and responds to them on his much preferred iPhone. Gaisser enjoys using Apple technology and has done so for years. While there are many people who would agree with him, there are some however who prefer Samsung phones. The rivalry between Apple and Samsung phones not only applies to the business world, but to consumers as well.

Junior Alex Redden prefers Samsung, as he believes that they are stronger than iPhones.

“Samsung is better just because of the fact that it has a more powerful operating system,” said Redden. “It’s way more durable, and it’s basically completely customizable.”

Junior Theodore Kurokawa also prefers with Samsung, partly because of pricing.

“I mean, I probably would turn more to Samsung than Apple, just because it seems to have more diversity,” Kurokawa said. “Apple seems to have everything to a certain high standard and quality, but that’s why it’s more expensive.”

Gaisser gives his thoughts as to why he prefers Apple over Samsung.

“I prefer Apple. I’ve been used to Apple for ages, ever since I was a kid I used Apple for everything. I started off with an iPod shuffle,” Gaisser said. “The advantages I see in iPhone are [that] they are easy to use and the disadvantages are the lightning chargers. They are convenient but when [you are] with your friends who have Samsung, they can’t can’t charge their stuff.”

According to, the iPhone advantages include the accessibility to the app store and that it makes its own hardware and software.

“Apple is one of the few companies that designs both the hardware and software for its devices,” stated. “Google does this through its Nexus line of products, but the hardware for all other smartphones running Android is made by someone other than Google. Microsoft partners with other companies to make all of the hardware that runs its Windows Phone software.”

However, also states that some disadvantages of iPhone include the fact that the memory is not expandable and that it has 8-Megapixel camera.

“The iPhone 5s has an 8-megapixel, rear-facing iSight camera. While the iPhone used to be the leader in smartphone camera technology, other smartphones have caught up to that technology and surpassed it,” according to Techwalla. “For example, the Nokia Lumia 930 offers a 20-megapixel PureView camera and the Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a 13-megapixel Auto Focus camera.”

According to, advantages for Samsung phones includes its camera model, it’s waterproof, and it has a decent battery life.

“Battery life has significantly increased on Galaxy S5,” stated “The phone is packed with a Large 2,800 mAh battery that serves up to 21 hours of 3G talk time. The phone’s battery is provided for more than a day usage to an average user. The device has a battery saving mode which can extend the life of the battery  longer when needed. Also, another advantage is that the battery is removable.”

In addition, the website continues to say that the disadvantages of Samsung includes price, slow performance, it has ordinary hardware and a lack of software improvements.

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“The software is improved just a little, not as much as everyone expected to be,” according to TechnoBezz. “Same goes for the user interface. The software is not as good at handling multiple apps and the operating system acquires a large part of the internal storage. The user interface might look appealing to the eye but in reality, it is not much improved from its previous state.”

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