The zodiac trend

Grace Crites, Staff Writer

Zodiac signs have been becoming increasingly prevalent in the recent months as social media has influenced numerous teenagers into buying into horoscopes and their importance. Junior Alyssa Miller is an example of someone who started to take part in this trend.

“I enjoy reading my horoscope every day and learning what is in store for my daily encounters,” said Miller. “ My zodiac sign is Cancer, I believe this horoscope is fairly accurate to my personality.”

Social media has greatly influenced zodiac signs and how they are interpreted.

“I receive most of my information from the Cosmopolitan news section of Snapchat,” Miller said. “ The horoscopes are very informative and have even come true.”

Miller is one of many young adults who take advantage of this easy access of weekly horoscopes. Cosmopolitan and other websites including provides a detailed weekly and daily summary of each zodiac sign’s horoscope. Topics including love life, work and friendships are often presented in each horoscope.

“I believe social media’s role in raising awareness of zodiac signs is a positive thing because it is a very interesting and personable topic,” said Miller.

But not all people find the appeal to social media’s influence on astrology.

“I have often noticed false notions about zodiac signs being made on the internet,” junior Harper Monica said. “ It is simply another example of not being able to trust what you read on the internet.”

Without an expert source it is difficult to validate whether or not the information is accurate, but Miller continues to have trust in what she reads on the internet.

“I believe the source I attend to because I could not see the point in someone making it up,” said Miller.

Astrology is a personal opinion topic. Only you get to decide whether or not you believe in it or if it even interest you. That decision is what interest many people, especially teenagers who often struggle in voicing their opinion or finding something of interest.

“Overall, astrology has been nothing but positive in my life, Miller said. “It has allowed me to learn more about myself and my personality.”