American Education Week


Taylor Garber, Staff Writer

Throughout the United States, American Education Week was celebrated during Nov. 14-18. The week of schooling encouragement began during World War I, when a reported 25 percent of draftees were illiterate. The National Education Association then met in 1919 to advocate for education.

American Education week is designed to draw attention and support for education across the United States, and in the halls of RHS, though teachers knew about the week, not as many students did. English teacher Mr. Frank Gollon knows about the event, but doesn’t celebrate it in a special way.

“It’s what I do everyday,” Mr. Gollon said. “So I don’t put any special emphasis on it.”

Teachers play a large role in student’s lives. They affect students in the future decisions and aspirations.

“They take interest in their students’ lives,” junior Alexus Utley said. “The teachers are like second parents.”

Education also affects the teacher. Mr. Gollon feels honored to help students find their true selves.

“[My favorite part of being a teacher] is having the ability to work with exceptionally talented young people and help them discover themselves,” Mr. Gollon said. “It’s been rewarding beyond anything I could’ve imagined.”

Freshman Sidharth Veluthakkal believes that teachers are shown appreciation for the work they do. He thinks students show them the respect they deserve, and work hard for their high opinion.

“Yes, they do get the recognition they should,” Veluthakkal said. “Students don’t disobey their orders or discourage them.”

Utley disagrees with Veluthakkal, believing there is not much recognition for teachers or American Education Week. She believes more people need to appreciate teachers and the week of support.

“No [they don’t get the recognition they should]” Utley said. “Students don’t exactly know what American Education Week is.”

Although education is constantly changing, its focus on making students successful and prepared for adult life remains constant

“One of my great mentors when I first started here had said that education is like a pendulum;  It swings back and forth, it will go from real student centered, then it will shift back to more of a testing mindset,” Mr. Gollon said. “We just need to kind of find that happy balance somewhere where people can be successful.”