BRIEF: Senior breakfast speakers prepare speeches


English teachers Mr. Todd Miesch and Mrs. Julia Satterthwaite were chosen as the senior breakfast speakers.

Bailey Boerman, Feature Editor

The senior class nominated two English teachers, Mrs. Julia Satterthwaite and Mr. Todd Miesch, to speak at the senior class breakfast on Wed., May 27.

“I’m excited to be speaking with Mr. Miesch,” Mrs. Satterthwaite said. “We have worked closely together for years and it’s going to be fun to go through this experience with him.”

Senior Miah Fowler is excited to hear the speeches.

“I love Mrs. Satterthwaite and I think she’s going to say a lot of real things about our senior class,” Fowler said. “She’s a super real person and doesn’t sugar coat things and I really like that about her. Mr. Miesch is a real funny guy and I think he’ll bring out a lot of laughs when he speaks about the senior class; he’s pretty goofy so I’m sure he’ll say some awesome things.”

Mrs. Satterthwaite has already begun writing her speech.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to go for a literary theme or a life lesson theme, but I’m sure it’ll be a mixture of humor and sappy well-wishes,” Mrs. Satterthwaite said.

On the other hand, Mr. Miesch is in the early stages of his speech development.

“As of right now I’m not 100 percent sure what I’m going to say but I want to let students know about making the right decisions not only in college but for the rest of their lives,” Mr.Miesch said.

Seniors feel Mr. Miesch’s personality will play a big role in his speech.

“Mr. Miesch is a great speaker and knows how to relate our high school experiences to real life, which will be great for our class,” senior Matt Benedettini said.

Mrs. Satterthwaite’s parting words are pretty simple.

“In general, I’d say giving whatever you’re doing, make sure you your best, be kind to those around you and maintain a positive attitude,” Mrs. Satterthwaite. “Those are pretty universal sentiments that all students can strive for.”