Students take final steps to prepare for AP exams


Sophomore Shelby Stimpson reads a review book in preparation for her AP US History exam.

Maya Subramanian, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year progresses, many high school students across the country must focus their attention on their AP examinations. After months of preparation, RHS students will be taking exams for college credit throughout the month of May. Sophomore Shelby Stimpson expresses her concerns about her first AP exam, as she will be taking the AP U.S. History test on May 6.

“I am majorly stressing about my first AP exam,” Stimpson said. “However, I feel like once I get there, it will be easier than I anticipated.”

Despite these concerns, Stimpson plans to take on the test day with a confident mindset, and she has planned a routine for the morning of the exam.

“On test day, I plan to eat a healthy breakfast, to wake up early, and to review my last points for the test,” Stimpson said.

Junior Hope Fryer is taking exams for both AP Government and AP Language and Composition.

“I’m preparing for my exams by studying after school and making flashcards,” Fryer said.

Similarly, junior Evan Hubble has been preparing for his tests.

“I am taking AP Government and AP Microeconomics,” Hubble said. “To study, I have been using a testing books to review key concepts pertaining to the subjects.”

Although students have experienced much stress in preparation for these exams, many are hopeful that their hard work will pay off; hours of preparation render students like Fryer, Stimpson, and Hubble prepared for their examinations.

“I am apprehensive about not getting a good score on my tests,” Hubble said. “But I have been practicing all year, so I hope that the hard work will pay off.”