Rochester alumni Noah Kusky discusses the upcoming lacrosse season


Carly Craig, Circulation Manager

Rochester Alumni Noah Kusky steps onto Rochester High’s familiar field where he played lacrosse for four years. He has a different way of viewing things, because instead of playing, he now coaches.

“The transition from a player to a coach is tough because it’s so weird watching from the sidelines and not playing,” Noah Kusky said. Working with my old coaches is great because they know me and what I can do. “There is still a lot I can learn from them and pass onto the team.”

Varsity lacrosse player junior Kiyon Govender talks about what it’s like having Kusky assist with coaching.

“The coaches give good advice on how to improve, and we run drills that help us where we need it,” Govender said. “Having Noah [Kusky] be there for some practices is also helpful because he can focus on details that [the other] coaches may miss.”

Fellow varsity lacrosse teammate, junior Michael Williamson agrees with Govender.

“The coaches help us get better by not only teaching us the game but also pinpointing our mistakes and then showing us what we can do to fix them,” Williamson said. “They’re always pushing us to be our best. Its nice having a former player around [Noah Kusky] because he can understand our thinking behind our actions because of the small age gap.”

Noah Kusky talks about why he decided to return this season as a coach.

“I wanted to keep the tradition alive,” Noah Kusky said. “And teach kids how they can be the best that they can be.”

Due to the fact that Noah Kusky only graduated last year, his little brother, junior Eli Kusky is on the varsity lacrosse team this year. Noah Kusky commented one what it’s like working with his brother.

“Coaching for my brother is different because I can’t play with him,” Noah Kusky said. “But I still show him everything I can.”

Eli Kusky comments on how lacrosse plays into his relationship with his brother.

“Outside of school, Noah and I are really close and we talk all the time,” Eli Kusky said. “He gives me pointers on the field and different situations for what to do.”

Williamson talks about how the lacrosse team is like a second family to him.

“This lacrosse season has really opened my eyes as to what it’s like to have your team be your second family,” Williamson said. “Whether you’re at school or on the field, you always have someone looking out for you.”

Noah Kusky agrees with Williamson.

“Playing for the team is great,” Noah Kusky said. “It’s a lot of fun, the sport is fast paced and interactive for everyone.”

Azzam talks about his favorite part of playing lacrosse.

“My favorite part about lacrosse is probably the fact that you can’t just be good at the sport,” Azzam said. “You have to be good physically as well, or you’re not going to do good.”

Although lacrosse is a team sport, Williamson talks about how you can improve in the sport by yourself.

“My favorite part about lacrosse is that you don’t need to be with someone, have a net, or have a fancy rebounder to practice,” Williamson said. “All you need to do is play wall ball to help with your passing and shooting.”

Williamson hopes to see some personal improvement as well as an overall team improvement as the season progresses.

“I hope to improve my personal game by continuing to push myself to be the best player I can be,” Williamson said. “As a team I want us to keep building up the chemistry and overall make the season a season to remember.”

Azzam addresses the difficulties of being on a varsity sport, and areas where the team can improve.

“The season has been kind of a wake up call that you need to be as fit as you can be to survive in a varsity sport, Azzam said. “For the season I just hope that we keep improving as players and as a team with the little time we have together.”

Noah Kusky talks about why lacrosse is such a great sport.

“It’s something where we can go out and create a brotherhood and skills,” Noah Kusky said. “And people that we can keep in our lives forever.”