BRIEF: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Hussein Murray, Staff Writer

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Detroit will be hosting their fourth annual Muhammad Messenger of Peace Symposium on March 23.

“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Metro Detroit will host a symposium that will provide a glimpse into the life and character of the Prophet of Islam,” Mahir Osman, the community’s Secretary of Public Affairs, said. “[It will] dispel any myths and false narratives perpetuated in society by both Muslims and Non-Muslims.”

The Ahmadiyya community referred to numerous attacks by alleged Muslims that may have put a negative light on Islam in the eyes of the general public. This negativity towards Muslims has been revealed in recent political statistics.

“Sixty percent of GOP voters in the Michigan Primary stated they support a ban on Muslims entering into the United States,” Mr. Osman said. “Fear of Muslims and the Islamic faith has increased since the attacks in Chattanooga, San Bernardino and Paris. Many espouse those attacks as being synonymous with the actions of the founder Islam, Muhammad.”

The community hopes provide insight on the belief system of Islam, and counteract negative portrayals of Islam in the media and public.

“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s objective is to facilitate a dialogue and understanding among community leaders and leaders within academia to promote a true picture of [Prophet] Muhammad,” Mr. Osman said.