BRIEF: Junior feels the high-stakes test pressure


Julia Labban

With finals coming to a close and juniors already getting set to take the ACT in February, tensions are high among the student body at RHS. Junior Hamza Kaakarli weighs in on the subject of education laws and thinks that a more local approach should be taken towards education.

“I feel that the people who make education laws in our country are misinformed,” Kaakarli said. “They don’t know what it’s like to be in a school setting. They’re all the way in Lansing or they’re all the way in Washington D.C. They need to be in our school. Our school decisions should be left up to the administrators and the teachers.”

Kaakarli also believes that the quantity of standardized tests that students have to take should be lower because they’re not always a good measure of intelligence.

“[Testing is] not the perfect way to represent someone’s intelligence, but some standardized tests are needed,” Kaakarli said. “But the amount of standardized testing should be reduced.”

With the end of the semester drawing near and the dates for the ACT and SAT looming closer, some of the student body will likely feel the same way as Kaakarli as they study for their standardized tests.