Sugar source differs in Coke and Diet Coke, but both are unhealthy according to experts


Taylor Simmons, Staff Writer

While drinking pop in general can often be seen as a poor health choice, many choose to do so anyway, whether it be for the caffeine kick or the taste, but not all people are informed about the differences between regular coke and diet coke.

Sophomore Shelby Stimpson thinks that Diet Coke is worse than regular Coke.  

“I choose regular options because I’ve heard that diet stuff can actually be bad for you if you have too much of it,” Stimpson said. “Even people may perceive it to be good. It’s actually just equally as bad, so why not go with the better-tasting option?”

Many people agree with her but some people think that the diet options are better considering there is no sugar in the soda. Sophomore Bernie Duhani only drinks diet soda.

“I don’t drink regular because diet coke is sweet and has no sugar in it,” Duhani said. 

Registered dietitian Mrs. Amy Wendt says there are many factors to each option that are bad for your body. 

“The main difference in Coke and Diet Coke is the sugar source,” Mrs. Wendt said. “Coke has high fructose sugar, while Diet Coke has aspartame.”

Mrs. Wendt explains that both Coke and Diet Coke have ingredients that cause diseases. 

“Both sodas can cause diseases, including dental caries, obesity and bone mineral disease,” Mrs. Wendt said.

Even though Stimpson knows that both Coke and Diet Coke aren’t healthy, she believes that regular Coke is better.

“I think diet coke is worse for you,” Stimpson said. “The fact that they modify it from the original recipe is strange, so I prefer regular Coke.”

Physical Education teacher Mrs. Amy Oppat believes that Coke and Diet Coke are extremely bad for your health in equal ways.

“I think that both soft drinks are unhealthy,” Mrs. Oppat said. “The downside to regular coke is all the sugar which causes weight gain and an increase in blood pressure. The downside to Diet Coke is the aspartame which is not a natural product and can cause chemical reactions.”

Mrs. Wendt further explained how sodas can affect the way your body functions.

“Regular coke affects the insulin response because it is such a high dose of sugar and no other nutrients,” Mrs. Wendt said. “Diet Coke, although absent of sugar, can also cause disturbances of the insulin response of the body.”

Mrs. Oppat choses diet soda, but only in limited amounts.

“I never drink regular soda,” Mrs. Oppat said. “I do, however, really enjoy Diet Coke.  Since I am aware of how unhealthy it is, I try to limit my intake to two Diet Cokes per week.  I usually allow myself one during the week and one on the weekend.  My New Year’s resolution was to give it up entirely.  I made it 15 days!”