RHS students meet D1 basketball stars


Amanda Capaldi, Lifestyles Editor


A smile spreads across the fact of sophomore Hunter Schattler, as he eagerly shakes the hand of Trey Burke, one of the many D1 basketball players he has idolized for so long, and is now getting the opportunity to meet in person.

“[I will remember] just how nice they all were and how much they impacted me, and everything they said,” Schattler said. “Of course I look up to them and I see them on tv and to seem them in person, it was pretty cool.”

Schattler’s mom, Patty Schattler, came along with him to meet these celebrities. The stand-out moment of the day for her, was meeting the University of Michigan basketball coach, John Beilein.

“The best part was meeting Coach Beilein from University of Michigan.  I have always admired his coaching style and always thought he was a class act,” Mrs. Schattler said. “Meeting him in person confirmed my thoughts of him.  He took time to speak with both Hunter and myself as well as introduced us to his wife Kathleen.”

Sophomore Tori Hawkins, also had the opportunity to meet these different basketball stars, and they gave her motivation to keep chasing her dreams.

“It was really inspiring just to know that they are so interactive with their environment around them and just knowing that if you want to get there where they are you can get there,” Hawkins said. “I’ll remember the fact that they were willing to show their support and interest in what I’m doing to succeed in life.”

Schattler got in contact with the stars through people who had connections with the players.

“I got to meet them[the basketball stars] through a few people I know from basketball, and my coaches at high school they kinda set it up from there,” Schattler said.

Similarly, Hawkins had the opportunity to meet the celebrities through connections she had with people.

“Some of the connections my mom has with some of her friends… she has some connections with the celebrities,” Hawkins said.

One thing that stood out to Schattler was how modest all the celebrities were.

“They were very humble and how down to earth,” Schattler said. “You don’t really realize that because you see them as big stars but when you actually get to meet them it’s nice to see how humble they are.”

Mrs. Schattler views the experience as priceless, and a big motivator for Schattler.

“It was a great opportunity to meet others that you look up to for whatever the reason may be,” Schattler said. “Meeting Trey Burke meant a lot to Hunter because he would like to model his game after Trey’s and to be able to talk to someone who has played in a D1 basketball program and just what it takes is invaluable for Hunter with the same aspirations.”