BRIEF: Senior Rachel Butala plans to pursue music therapy as a career


Senior Rachel Butala plays the flute in the Falcon Marching Band.

Angela Mammel

Senior Rachel Butala has a passion for helping children with mental disabilities, as well as playing the flute, and plans to do both of those activities by pursuing music therapy as her focus in college.

“There are a lot of studies that show that using improvisational music helps children with autism to better their communication skills,” Butala said. “That’s what I’m going to school for.”

She has researched the topic extensively, and feels that the career option is important because of how much one can help those less fortunate through it.

“Music therapy combines a lot of the things I like: helping people, working with children with special needs, and music in general,” Butala said. “That’s what really interested me in it.”

The college application process has been especially hectic for Butala because of the small number of in-state schools that offer the program and how she must audition to be in those programs.

“It’s kind of crazy since the only schools that have it in Michigan are Eastern and Western,” Butala said. “I have to go in and audition for their music schools in January and February, which is pretty soon.”