Rabbi speaks to World Religion students about Judaism


Fadi Bodagh, Writer

On November 1, rabbi Dan Schwartz visited Mrs. Sarah Miesch’s world religions class. 

A rabbi is a Jewish spiritual leader. The word “rabbi” means “my teacher” or “my master” in Hebrew. A Rabbi has pastoral duties, such as leading a congregation in prayer; preaching duties, such as delivering a weekly sermon; interpretive duties; interpreting the Torah; and administrative duties.

“Rochester high school students are lucky to have those kind of activities going in school,” senior Diana Petris said. “Having an expert to come into your class is a great experience.”

Petris said the rabbi was an interesting presenter.

“He turned out to be different than I expected,” Petris said.
“I found his point of view on life was interesting and seemed to be understanding about other religions’ viewpoints.”

The Rabbi also brought a 200-year-old Torah with him.

“I thought he was very interesting and the stuff he brought, like the Torah, was really cool to see in person,” senior Madison Vanderhoof said.