BRIEF: Sophomore class congress to sponsor Halloween-themed Falcon Friday


Amanda Capaldi, Lifestyles Editor

On Friday, Oct. 30, the sophomore class congress will be hosting the first Falcon Friday with a Halloween theme.

Sponsor and history teacher Mrs. Jessica Bastian explains what will be going down this Friday.

“There will be lunch games — to be specific, Halloween musical chairs and a guessing candy contest,” Mrs. Bastian said. “Along with that, there is going to be a costume contest game at lunch ran by the class congress from all the grades. There will be prizes for games and Halloween costumes.”

The congress has been planning it for a month, according to Mrs. Bastian.

“We’ve been starting to think about it since summer, but this actual Falcon Friday we started planning this month,” Mrs. Bastian said.

Mrs. Bastian explained that each grade will host a Falcon Friday once a semester.

“Each grade will have a Falcon Friday,” Mrs. Bastian said. “Our next one isn’t until January; however, in November we will be helping with the can drive.”

In addition to hosting the Falcon Friday, the sophomore class congress is participating in the Walk in the ROC on Saturday, Nov. 7.

“We haven’t met [about the walk] yet; Falcon Friday has been our primary focus,” Mrs. Bastian said. “I know the junior class congress is selling water bottles. My class congress is meeting later this week to decide what to sell. All the proceeds go to charity.”