What to expect for homecoming this year

Carly Craig

Homecoming is a time of fun and excitement; it’s all anyone can talk about these days. The dim lights, the loud music and the ambiance provide a perfect evening that everyone’s sure to discuss for many weeks following the event. If you’re going to homecoming this year, here’s what the day will most likely entail.


Part of the fun of homecoming is not the dance itself, but the preparation. Getting to make a day out of a three-hour dance is entertainment in itself. Depending on gender, ladies will most likely get their hair, nails and makeup done. Some ladies like to have their nails match their dress, and others prefer to go with a soft color. After giving their nails time to dry, they can move on to get their hair and makeup done. Most ladies like to go with an elegant up-do, but some prefer the casual loose curl. Either way, it takes a while to get it shaped and a ton of hair product to make it stay. Depending on the look someone is going for, they can either choose to do their makeup themselves, or get it professionally done. If they don’t want too much makeup on, they’ll typically do it themselves and go with a more natural look, compared to someone who gets it professionally done. Following hair and makeup, it’s time to get dressed. Finally being able to put on the chosen outfit makes the day’s preparation all worth it. Guys usually wear a suit with a nice shirt and a tie to match their date’s dress. Ladies, depending on their preference, will put on a long or short dress. Now it’s time for pictures where you everyone meets up with their friends and gets to show off the outfits they’ve chosen. Several groups take pictures at a friend’s house, or at a park with nice scenery. If they decide to take pictures at a park, they will probably want to incorporate more time into the schedule for travel time, and in case they have to wait for other groups to finish taking their pictures.


Following pictures, it’s time for dinner. Some groups like to stay at a group member’s house and order in, while others like to go to nice restaurant and sit down for a meal in their fancy digs. After eating and being extra careful not to spill anything, it’s time for the dance.  Ladies can check their shoes at the door, while the gentlemen check their suit coats. The music will be thumping loudly as you stroll into the mall. People can dance with their friends or their date, to songs selected by the Disc Jockey or requested by students. In the upper cafeteria, there will food and refreshments for anyone that wants a break from dancing or to cool off.


People are usually tired by the time the after party rolls around. Most outfits are uncomfortable, so now would be time to change into more comfortable clothing. The activities of an after party can vary from playing music, to just sitting around, socializing. Kids love to hangout with their friends, discussing the high points of the day, and wrap up the night in style.