Homecoming for Dummies

Here are some helpful tips and tricks for conquering one of the biggest events of the year.


Trina Mollicone and Makenzie Paul

How to Buy a Ticket 

  1. Head down to the book check out area/lower collab to purchase tickets
  2. Bring cash, card, or check as payment 
    1. Tickets are $30 each 
  3. Show school ID in order to purchase ticket 
  5. Don’t trade tickets with other people, they have your student ID number on them. 
  6. Age restriction: 14-20 years old 

Guest Ticket 

  1. Out of district guests need to fill out the digital guest form BEFORE purchasing ticket
  2. In district guests need their school ID number to purchase tickets
  3. ALL GUESTS must come with some form of photo ID

Spirit Week  

  1. Start thinking about outfits
  2. Be as creative as you want 

Friday Sept 30: The Dark Side (wear black)

Monday Oct 3: Adam Sandler Day 

Tuesday Oct 4: Evil Twin Day (find a twin and match with them)

Wednesday Oct 5: Biker V. Surfer 

Thursday Oct 6: Class Color Day (wear your hoco shirts and get excited for the pep assembly) 

Pep Assembly 

  1. For the first time since 2019, the pep assembly will be in the main gym
  2. It’s going to be loud; be prepared 
  3. Remember to sit with your grade level 
  4. Be LOUD and show school spirit 

The Dance 

  1. Dress code
    1. No jeans 
    2. Ask upperclassmen about dress style if you’re unsure
    3. Wear comfortable shoes… going barefoot means getting stepped on 
    4. Check out STUGO’s fashion show at lunch to learn more 
  2. How to Enter the Dance
    1. Have ticket and ID ready when you get to the door
    2. Enter through the Walton/Main office entrance 
    3. Separate line for guests 
    4. Show up with guest 


Just in case you missed it, here is a video created by STUGO that covers all of these tips and tricks!