What do I get my significant other for Christmas?

Struggling to find a gift?


Kristine Hart, Staff Writer

Finding the just-right gift for your significant other can be a struggle. Luckily, the staff writers from The Talon have advice! We’ve realized that many RHS students this holiday season haven’t yet figured out what to get their special person, so we’ve interviewed several RHS students and staff to help and give suggestions. 

Popular gifts for teenagers included hoodies, socks, candy, and jewelry. RHS teaching staff added to the list and suggested slippers, Apple Watches, clothes, and vacation getaway tickets. Students at Rochester were asked what they were getting for their significant others this year for Christmas.

“Paris shoes, perfume and a Lululemon jacket,” senior Antonio Abro said.

Abro has been in a relationship for a year and says he doesn’t want anything from her besides her company. 

Sophomore Michael Berry, who has been in his relationship for 2 months, says he is getting his girlfriend Lululemon leggings; and like Abro, he also doesn’t want anything from her this year. This opinion is not uncommon, as most of the students interviewed would rather just be with their person instead of receiving a gift. 

Responses from teachers were more specific. Social Studies teacher Mr. Zwolinski, who has been married to his wife for 19 years, stated, “I got my wife slippers, sweatshirts, an Apple Watch, AirPods, and Hamilton tickets last year.”

Rochester High Spanish teacher Mrs. D’Addario says that last year, she got her husband slippers, clothes, and a new keyboard and mouse.

“[He got me] a lot of school supplies and slippers as well! I also got jewelry,” Mrs. D’Addario said. 

Whereas slippers and trips seem to be popular gifts among staff, students tend to stick to clothes and each other’s company over an actual gift. However, for students looking to give an actual gift, popular ideas for males included clothing, such as sweatpants, hoodies, shoes, hats, and shirts, and sports items like equipment or tickets to a game. More creative ideas consisted of an explosion box, photo album, framed photos, and playlists of favorite songs. 

For females, popular gift suggestions were jewelry, fluffy blankets, socks, pillows, fake plants, face masks, leggings, makeup, and jeans. 

Gift suggestions for either gender included candles, snacks, tickets to a play or movie, photo collages, hoodies, blankets, gift cards, and stuffed animals. 

If you are struggling to find a gift this Christmas, think of something interactive other than an object. 

“Memories are more valuable than any gift I could ever receive. I would much rather go somewhere with my significant other than get some gift I will use once or twice,” 28-year-old survey respondent Sandra Turner said. “My favorite Christmas gift of all time was a road trip to Mackinac Island with my person. They made sure I had a good time and spent every minute during the trip with me.” 

If you are not big on trips, another option would be making a gift yourself. Consider making an ‘explosion box’ with pictures of you and your person, or make a song playlist that you think they would appreciate. 

Hopefully this advice helps you this holiday season and you consider the gifts listed! Don’t forget that spending quality time together will be more valuable than anything that you could ever buy!