2021 Homecoming football game

The Falcons take home the big win on homecoming night


Photo Courtesy of Nicole T.

Preston Schroyer, Sports Editor

The last couple years have been nothing but normal. So many events that the students were looking forward to were taken away from them last year. There wasn’t a homecoming football game last year, which is an event where the students and alumni of Rochester High come back to see.

Fast forward a year, Rochester High is taking on Oak Park in the homecoming game in an important divisional game. Going into the game, Rochester’s record is 4-2. They were off to a great start as they are coming off an undefeated regular season the year before. Rochester has not been very successful in the past against Oak Park, so they were looking for some revenge. 

“This team has seemed to never back down from their opponents no matter who they play,” said Varsity Coach Fox. “They really took in the message that it’s not who you play, it’s how you play”.

The stadium was full as everybody was ready for the big game. The team ran out from under the bleachers and the stadium was rockin. Rochester came out hot as Junior Alex Bueno threw a dart for the first touchdown of the game. All the momentum seemed towards Rochester as Oak Park couldn’t get anything going on offense. Defensive players Cam Czerwien and Peyton Osentoski were making great plays, tackling the opposing players behind the line of scrimmage. 

“We had a great week of practice and we were prepared,” Senior Cam Czerwien said.

At the end of the first quarter, Rochester was up 7-0. Oak Park wasn’t ready to give up yet. They scored right at the start of the second quarter to tie the game up. The offense needed to step up and pick up the defense. They did just that. Juniors Grant Calcagno and Jaiden Bolden made big plays through the drive, marching down to Oak Parks one yard line. Needing only one yard, Quarterback Bueno ran right up the middle for his second touchdown of the game. 

“I’ll do whatever it takes to win,” Junior Alex Bueno said. “Whatever this team needs me to do, I will do it!”

Bueno has shown this all year. He fights for extra yards and has developed into a big leader for this falcon team and offense.

Oak Park answers again. They drive down for another touchdown showing their athleticism and their great run game. Oak Park was now winning 14-13 as Rochester missed an extra point. Both teams were executing very well and both teams seemed very well disciplined. Right before halftime Rochester scored again. Rochester kept punching back to each score they had. 

“This team handles adversity very well,” Coach Fox said. “They have had chances all year to give up but get up and punch back.”

The falcons went into the locker room feeling confident, but they knew they had a few mistakes to clean up. A couple holding calls hurt them, which one took back a touchdown that would’ve put them up by two touchdowns. The second half was again back and forth. Oak Park was driving into the Falcons territory trying to extend their lead. The score was 22-20. On second down, Senior Linebacker Nick Gerbi made a great tackle for a loss and the next play, Senior Cornerback Hunter Krempel had a pass break up which led to a turnover on downs.

The falcons only had 5 minutes to score. Great runs by Alex Bueno and Grant Calgagno allowed the offense to get into scoring range. Oak Park made a great stop forcing the falcons to attempt a field goal. 

“I just love playing with this team,” Senior Peyton Osentoski said. “We have so much fight in us and I know that we are never out of a game”. 

This field goal would put them up by 1 point. Junior Aidan Osentoski lined up the field goal. He nailed it, putting the Falcons in the lead. The whole stadium was filled with electricity. 

The falcons needed one more defensive stop for them to win the game. Oak Park got a couple first downs. They were in field goal range but showed no signs of bringing out the field goal team. They threw 3 incomplete passes and it was now 4th down. It came down to one more play. He dropped back, and tried to find his favorite target. The Oak Park receiver ran across the middle of the field with a defender right next to him. The quarterback tried to sneak in the pass but it was incomplete. The whole team rushed to the student section to celebrate the big win with their friends.