Breakfast Bracket Restaurant #1: Rochester Brunch House


Danielle Kullmann

By Jessica Leininger and Danielle Kullmann

Ambiance: The place has a very hoity-toity vibe. It has minimal decoration, with a smattering of seasonal gourds, cold black countertops and white walls. The atmosphere was kind of hectic due to the amount of people that were there and being served, but it was nice to see the variety of dishes they have available. Overall, the ambiance seems very upscale, but the food, however, was not cohesive with the atmosphere.  (6/10)

Price: For the food served, it is overpriced. (4/10)

Location: Located in the side streets of Downtown, it is an incredibly convenient place to get breakfast or brunch. (10/10)

Service: The service was good. Each server was timely and consistent, despite the slightly hectic atmosphere. Overall, each dish and the bill were given without a lot of lag. (8/10)

Plating: The plating was tasteful and not overdone. It was cohesive with the vibe of the restaurant, and made the food look appealing, as it should do. (10/10)

Coffee: The coffee was not very strong or particularly special. Akin to the coffee one would get at a Denny’s or a Ram’s Horn.



The scrambled eggs were nothing to write home about. They were plenty moist and incredibly consistent throughout. However, they were very bland, and needed a lot of salting in order to be anything tasteful. They seemed fresh, but the mixture overall, nothing new. Better scrambled eggs can easily be made at home.


The bacon was simply too dry. The saltiness was perfect, but it seemed more like eating beef jerky than it bacon. It was overcooked, and overall overpriced for three dry slices. It was even more underwhelming with the bland scrambled eggs.


The french toast had a terrible egg to bread ratio. Although RBH used challah bread as the base, which typically soaks up egg, the egg had barely penetrated the crust. Overall, the only thing that saved the french toast was the fact that the maple syrup was good. But, it was a lot like just dipping bread into maple syrup, which was disappointing, but definitely edible. Instead of a custardy treat, it was just a dry boring piece of fried toast.


Overall Rochester Brunch House was largely just atmosphere. They’re selling ambiance rather than great brunch, but if it’s ambiance and middle aged women you’re into, then by all means, check it out!