Honoring veterans one flag at a time

Alyssa Hart, Co-editor-in-chief

This morning students and faculty of the Rochester High School community gathered to show their respect for those who paid the ultimate price in exchange for the freedoms we know today. 

Veterans Day is a holiday in the United States dedicated to paying respects to those who have served our country during war or while at peace. In honor of those who served, every year, RHS students place 2000 American flags outside of the school along the streetside. 

Students from a variety of clubs and sports came together to participate in this event, with representation from National Honors Society, Key Club, and many other organizations.

Despite all of the challenges surrounding Covid-19 this school year, the administration was able to keep this tradition alive during these unprecedented times in order to support those who served our country.

The support from passing cars was electric.

“It was amazing the amount of people that appreciated the flag display by honking as they drove by RHS in the 15 minute period that we were there putting out the flags,” senior Stephanie Glaspie said. “It was a great way of showing spirit for our Rochester community.”