Jack Lynch: Freshman in the halls, varsity athlete on the field


Photo courtesy of Jack Lynch.

Andrew Koss, Staff Writer

Freshman Jack Lynch stepped up to the tee before even stepping into the school when the Rochester High School Football team needed a kicker.

“We’ve only had a few freshmen play varsity in the last decade,” Assistant Football Coach and History teacher Nick Reed said. “It’s pretty cool to have Jack up with us. He has a lot of talent. I’m excited to see him progress.”

Lynch is a freshman at RHS and joined the football team before even stepping into the school. Lynch started football in 8th grade and has a background in soccer which gave him a leg up in improving his kicking skills.

“I’ve been kicking for a while now so I’m chilling. I don’t get nervous,” Jack said, “I enjoy it, it’s very fun and it’s just a little weird cause I’m the only freshman on varsity.”

Jack says he enjoys being a part of the team and is happy to have the experience. The coaches believe that this experience will help him in his future.

“By the time he’s a senior, he’ll have a bunch of games under his belt. His experience in varsity game situations will propel him as he gets older. We’re all really looking forward to that,” Reed said.

The kicker’s sister is a senior at Rochester High and when asked about Jack she said:

“It’s really cool to see him on the field because I know that he likes what he’s doing a lot and seeing people cheer for him is really exciting. I think him being on varsity is also really cool because I get to go to more of his games and the entire student section cheers him on.”