Rochester Public Library has many options for bored teenagers


Amanda Capaldi

Despite many teenagers’ complaints of nothing to do, Rochester has a lot to offer. One of the many overlooked options of activities is found downtown; unleash your inner bookworm at the Rochester Hills Public Library.

The library has shelves of books and ebooks from every genre. If you need a specific book, chances are the library has it. The library has two floors of books and a garden out back. While you are reading your book, you could take it out into the garden or just hang around at one of many cubicles or cozy locations inside and enjoy the view.

If you happen to be a motivated, creative student, you could join the Teen Advisory Board. This is a club that opens up the opportunity to share your opinions on teen programs, all while eating pizza and meeting new people. Plus, these meetings can be used as volunteer hours.

Have nothing to do tonight? Why not go to a Geek club meeting. All it is is a casual hang-out night for teens who enjoy graphic novels, manga, anime, video games and art. It often includes dance parties and spur-of-the-moment games. All are welcome, and snacks are always provided.

Want to learn something new? Join Go Club! The club’s goal is to teach the classic game of Go to new players and improve the skills of those who already know the game. This is a strategic board game that is over 3,000 years old and has its roots in ancient China. Since there are only three rules, it’s easy to learn for everyone of all ages. The game gains a competitive edge when players begin to compete for prizes.

Are you a poet and you don’t even know it? Or have a flair for fiction? You could go to the Fabulous Vocabulous League: Teen Writer’s Workshop and meet other teen writers, share your own masterpieces, learn new tips and tricks about writing and enjoy snacks.

As you can see, there is plenty to do at the library if you are feeling bored after school. Whether you simply want to read a good book or join a club, the library is bound to have something for you.