SCHS hosts district-wide college night on Oct. 14


Ninotchka Valdez

On Oct. 14, College Night was held at Stoney Creek High School (SCHS). During the event, students learn about different colleges and have the opportunity to speak to admission officers.

“We usually have about a hundred different college admission officers come to the school and they set up a table, and the students can go around to each one of them,” counselor Mrs. Kelly Messing-Mirabito said. “They can learn about programs offered, scholarship opportunities, campus life. It’s a really good way for students to start to gather information about colleges.”

Mrs. Messing-Mirabito recommends that students come to College Night prepared to get the most out of it.

“Knowing your GPA, ACT scores and extracurriculars would probably be helpful … they’re gonna give you a ton of information,” Mrs. Messing-Mirabito said. “A good way to prepare would be to get on to career cruising, and start looking at some colleges that match the criteria that you’re looking for and then focus on visiting just those.”

Mrs. Messing-Mirabito strongly believes that students should attend the event.

“They need to start seeing what colleges are out there [and] start setting goals for themselves,” Mrs. Messing-Mirabito said. “If they’re interested in a certain field, does that college offer that program, and is the program reputable.”

While she believes the event can be helpful, Mrs. Messing-Mirabito would recommend attending prior to one’s senior year.

“Senior year to me seems a little late,” Mrs. Messing-Mirabito said. “Most of our students have already applied, but I would strongly encourage students to go, especially our juniors.”