Seniors’ bittersweet lasts


RHS seniors using newspapers to block the junior lip sync at the 2018 homecoming pep assembly. Photo courtesy of Tony Reedy.

Kari Eickholdt, Staff Writer

The graduating class of 2019 is full of  many individuals who are about to take on new adventures in their lives. While reminiscing on the years spent at high school, the memories will be everlasting due to the character and culture of Rochester High. A selected few seniors involved with the thrilling traditions and experiences of Rochester High go on to share the bittersweet feeling as they prepare for the next step for the future.

“Honestly, it hasn’t really hit me that this will be my last year at RHS. I have made so many friends and gotten involved in school clubs and sports that will make it very hard to leave,” senior Elizabeth Kravick said. “However, I am so excited to open up a new chapter of my life after high school.

At the start of every school year, certain requirements need to be fulfilled by every student. The taking of a school ID picture is often dreaded by many, but this is not always the case for the seniors. Some seniors participate by showing off their goofy spirits by dressing up in certain outfits pertaining to characters in movies or TV shows. 

“I loved it,” senior Gabe Szafran said. “ It was funny to see the pictures of my friends that dressed up in weird things.”

Depending on the person, senior year contains many mixed feelings.

I feel like it’s more stressful this year than junior year because I really want to keep my grades up,” senior Abbey Reed said. “But at the same time, I’m applying to colleges and scholarships and cheer, so there is more on my plate.”

One responsibility as a senior (or later into junior year) is to fill out and send in college applications to future colleges that work for the individuals abilities as a student. This time may be stressful but also exciting as it is deciphering the individual’s future.

It was a rewarding feeling because they literally took me five hours to do,” senior Erika Bradlee said. “I applied to four colleges; Wayne state, Michigan State, Grand Valley, and Oakland.”

 As time flies to the ending of each season, the last home games can  stir up emotions for the seniors.

“Cheering the last home game was very bitter sweet,” senior Ally Dunn said. “ I know I’ll be coming back but I’ll miss being on the track cheering on the team.”

Reflecting on the stresses of junior year focuses on the SAT testing periods. The anticipation and curiosity going along with the test is a journey in itself. Now as seniors, some may be trying to improve their scores as much as they can but it can be an accomplished feeling afterwards.

“I felt relieved and stress free after finishing the SAT,” senior Ryan Hegarty said. “I was just happy to be done with testing.”

School spirits are at an all time high when homecoming week rolls around while students are eagerly participating in the competitions between classes involving the lunch games, the Falcon Cup, lip sync, homecoming court voting, etc. One of the biggest events during school is the homecoming pep assembly. 

I enjoyed the homecoming pep assembly because I had always looked up to to the seniors in past years and couldn’t wait to be where they are. Now that I am, it’s crazy to think that it’s over,” senior Trevor Doran said. “It’s also cool to me how many events the seniors were involved in. I was glad it was my last one but at the same time it was sad to know I’ll probably never be so close to a group of friends in my life.”

The Friday night game on the new field was thriving with decoration the night before the homecoming dance. This year, the Falcon boys were amping up their performance in the football game as the score was very close by the end of the night. Going home after a very eventful day is always exhausting in a good way as students were anticipated for the dance the next night.

“My last homecoming dance was so much fun. Homecoming was definitely one of my favorite things about high school,” senior Elizabeth Kravick said. “Rochester goes all out for everything so it always was a fun experience to share with friends.”

Looking back at the years spent in high school, the dances are a time of focus on the festivities and making memories for many seniors.

“I feel like all the homecomings were pretty much the same,” senior Abbey Reed said. “ My senior year would probably be the best because I appreciated it all more since it was my last.”

Every year, alumni stop by when there are many festivities with the school such as homecoming week. The former students enjoy coming home to see the place that filled their lives with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

“I think I’ll come back to some games and practices whenever I get the chance,” senior Ally Khalaf said. “It’ll be different for sure but nice to see the younger girls I cheered with and those I didn’t.”

Senior year gives a bittersweet feeling as many things come to an end, but seniors will hold on to the memories they made at RHS. Senior Own Malinowski says he will remember accomplishments with his sports team. 

“Being apart of a team that won districts and regionals [the most impactful moment he experienced at RHS],” Malinowski said. “It was brotherhood with those guys, and I made friendships that will last a long time.”