Class council vs. student council explained


Edgar Sokoli

Students at RHS have two choices of getting involved with their class government: STUGO (student council) and class council. Both councils have different responsibilities and functions.

“Essentially, we have different responsibilities than STUGO,”  junior class council sponsor Chad Zwolinski said. “Class council is more like a club; we meet after school and decide how we’re going to attack our goals.”

Class council hopes to increase a certain class’ spirit, by having class assemblies and functions.

“Our goal is to enhance a specific class spirit,” Mr. Zwolinski said. “STUGO focuses more on the school as a whole, we focus on the grade.”

Each grade has its own teacher representative: freshmen, Ms. Stephanie Shooks; sophomores, Mrs. Jessica Bastion; juniors, Mr. Chad Zwolinski; and seniors, Mrs. Sarah Miesch.

“Anyone can apply,” said Zwolinski. “There’s an online process at the beginning of the year and we pick members based on the applications.”